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Appendix Surgery Ganganagar Rajasthan
Dr Sourabh is the best appendix laparoscopic surgeon in Ganganagar, Rajasthan. He had handled significant cases of the appendix via laparoscopic approach. Our doctors and supporting staff is available round the clock to provide the emergency services. Apart from this, the hospital has well-trained and experienced nurses.
What is the appendix?
Appendicitis is the medical complication and recognized by the inflammation to the appendix. The level of infection may be minor or severe. Appendicitis can happen to anybody at any age. But still, men are at high risk of developing the disease than women. The timely diagnosis and treatment are necessary if not done; it results in bursting and develops a severe infection.
 Common Symptoms of Appendicitis
In appendicitis following are the symptoms:
• Improper digestion or gas
• Pain near the belly, the right side of the abdomen
• Lack of hunger, nausea, vomiting
• Diarrhea, strain while bowel discharge
• Swelling of abdomen
• Moderate fever
 Causes of Appendicitis
There are many causes of appendicitis, but the exact reason is unknown.
• Blockings in appendix gives appendicitis
• Presence of worms, elongated lymphoid cells
• Development of tumors
• Any injury to the stomach
• Poor blood circulation

 Available Treatments for Appendicitis

• Laparoscopic appendectomy:
It is the emergency surgical removal of the appendix. Appendectomy is the best treatment for appendicitis. It is minimally invasive, time-saving way to treat appendix. It gives the speedy recovery without any complications. In this, the surgeon uses a laparoscope, fitted with a light source and camera. The camera takes the images on a screen and guides the doctor to visualize the inner abdomen.

• Open appendectomy:
it is open surgery and removal of the appendix. before laparoscopy this was the standard method. Although we dont prefer open surgery over minimal invasive methods but if it is the patient preference then we also perform the same.

 Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery Instructions
• Take enough sleep and rest
• Wear suitable dress before and after surgery
• Be aware of the pre-diagnostic tests
• Avoid eating and drinking a day before surgery
• Do not take unprescribed medicines
• After surgery, you can start with simple body movements
• Do not wear wet dressings

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