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know about gall stones
What is gall bladder? And what are its work?
It is the organ for the storage of bile, whenever we eat fatty food it contracts and releases bile. It is situated in gall bladder fossa, just below the liver

What are the causes of Gall stones?
Usually gall stones form due to 
• impared gall bladder function: there can be disorder of
             o      emptying of gall bladder
             o      absorbtion of bile salts
             o      exrcretion of bile salts
• super saturated bile
             o      with age
             o      sex: more in females
             o      genes
             o      obesity
             o      diet: more fatty meals
• cholesterol nucleating factor
             o      mucous
             o      glycoprotein
             o      infections

what are the symptoms of gall bladder stone?
There can be various symptoms but the most common are
             • pain in right upper abdomen or in mid abdomen, this pain can radiated to back. Mostly it can be colicky type but can be persistent dull aching too.
             • Dyspepsia
             • Flatulence
             • Food intolerance
             • Alteration in bowl frequency

How gall stones are diagnosed?
The first investigation is ultrasound in which it is usually identified.

What is the treatment of gall stones?
If your gall stones are asymptomatic you can wait and watch if health facilities are near by to you, but if it is causing symptoms then you must undergo surgery.

What are the options for surgery?
Conventionally open gall bladder surgery was done but now a days we prefer laparoscopic cholecystectomy, in this surgery key hole are done to remove the gall bladder,

Why not only stones are removed?
If only stones are removed without removal of gall bladder then chances of recurrence is there.

What are the advantages of laparoscopy over open surgery?
              • Less pain
              • Faster recovery
              • Less chances of complication in term of adhesions formation, hernia formation etc
              • Early resumption of work etc

Is there any option in laparoscopy too?
Yes there are many options in laparoscopy too, you can go for 4 port laparoscopy surgery or single incision laparoscopy surgery.

After removal of gall stones I cannot eat?
This is not so as function of gall bladder is to store bile, you can digest all the food which you could before surgery, but yes there are chances of retained symptoms in 20 % population (symptoms which were present before surgery). Even you have symptoms than you can have some enzymes and medicines for the same

What I must ask my surgeon before surgery
routinely we recommend closure of 10 mm port via sutures, to decrease the chances of hernia. And application of local anaesthesia in the wound to decrease the pain in post operative period. So these are the options before you planning for your operation.
I have more query how can I ask?
 You can come to us at our clinic and ask number of questions, if it is not possible for you to come then its better that you can connect us on social media for your queries

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