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The only center for ESWL (no cut, no surgery)
ESWL is the technique used for the renal stones whose size is less than 20 mm. We give external waves which breaks the stone into pieces and the fragments removed through the natural path (via ureter). In few cases DJ insertion is required. Routinely upto 3 settings are given over a gap of 7-10 days, each sitting takes upto 1 hour time.
ESWL is very effective in:
1. stone upto 20 mm
2 stone which are radio- opaque
3. stone in pelvis or upper ureter

ESWL is not effective in:
1: Stone more than 20 mm
2. radiolucent stone
3. very hard stone
4. calyceal stones

Advantage of ESWL is surgery is avoided and patient need not wait for any kind of precautions or admission, and can resume his duty soon after the therapy. This therapy is effective and gives result in 80% of cases.

Adarsh nursing home, the only center for ESWL