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Piles Treatment Center Ganganagar Rajasthan (piles clinic)
Dr. Sourabh Aggarwal is the pioneer of laser surgery in this part of rajasthan and he is the best piles doctor & surgeon. He has learned and acquired best skills to operate hemorrhoids of any grade. He strives to deliver a superior diagnosis, therapeutic care to his patient. Here you will get a precise idea about piles, what are the causes, symptoms? How is it treated?

What is Piles or Hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids or piles are the medical complications gives pain and discomfort near the anus. It is very common in men and women of any age group. Every individual has cells cushioning inside and around the anus. When an individual develops piles, he or she develops tissues masses around the anal canal.

Type of Hemorrhoids/Piles
Internal Hemorrhoids: it develops near the anus or rectum, bleeds. They are painless and cause bleeding. Internal hemorrhoids are four grades as follows:
Internal hemorrhoids are four grades as follows:

The disease is classified as follows:

o Grade I: It is small, invisible sores of the inner lining of the anus.
o Grade II: They are more prominent and present inside the anus. It comes out during bowel action.
o Grade III: They are prolapsed type of hemorrhoids. They are sensitive, present outside the anus.
o Grade IV: They are severe and cannot be redirected once come out.
External Hemorrhoids: They are small lumps present on the outside edge of the anus. They impart painful, itchy, sensitive feeling after forming blood clots.

Piles Symptoms:
Majority of the Piles cases do not show any visible symptom. But, contact our clinic if you observe any of the following symptoms.
• Hemorrhoids produce blood through the anal canal
• Induces itching, pain and creates embarrassment
• The appearance of blood on the stool and the toilet paper
• A mass of tissue appeared in the anus
• The feeling of incomplete bowel

Piles Causes:
For the occurrence of piles, some of the following reasons are responsible:
• Improper diet and bowel practices are the primary reasons for constipation moreover hemorrhoids or piles
• The habit of pushing or straining to pass bowel prone to develop hemorrhoids
• Diarrhea also produce hemorrhoids
• Eating less fibrous food can induce improper bowel discharge cause piles
• Insufficient intake of water will create hard stool and causes difficulty during a bowel movement
• Regular use of medications produces side effects and result in hemorrhoids
• During pregnancy the pressure of the fetus and hormonal changes in the body produces hemorrhoids
• Fatness
• Continuous sitting
• Lifestyle and age of the individual

Piles Treatments
Many treatment options are available, but their effectiveness varies with the person. You can visit the and get treatment in case if you have the problem.

Non-operative treatment
• Moderate intake of fiber diet
• Use prescribed creams and ointments

OPD treatment
To manage hemorrhoids that cause bleeding and pain require the following procedures:
• Rubber band ligation- A doctor uses the tiny rubber band and ties them around the base of hemorrhoid to block the blood flow. Due to this, hemorrhoid dies, and prolapse within a few days
Sclerotherapy - A doctor introduces a chemical substance in hemorrhoid and induces shrinking
• Infrared coagulation or Photocoagulation
Infrared coagulation or Photocoagulation
It uses an electric probe, a laser ray that has mainly meant to cure prolapsed hemorrhoids
It is an efficient and robust technique.
• Cryotherapy Hemorrhoids cured with a cooling effect. It is a time-consuming treatment and produces the smell, generous ooze, soreness, and discomfort

Operative treatment
These operations, usually done in severe cases.
Laser Treatment for piles
Surgery is also known as LHP (Laser hemorrhoids Plasty). It is the best and painless hemorrhoids treatment. It does not induce scars on the skin and gives immediate discharge from the hospital.
• Electrotherapy
It utilizes power in the form of heat to damage piles nodules. This method holds low risk
• Haemorrhoid stapling
By using the unique device, hemorrhoids are stapled and removed
• Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialisation
Uses ultrasound to identify the position of the hemorrhoidal blood vessels. The vessels are then stitched to prevent the circulation and decrease the inflammation

Prevention of Piles
• Do not withhold stool discharge can produce hard stool
• Use moist wipes instead of toilet paper
• Eat food that contains high-fibers and vitamins to improve healing
• Avoid eating spicy and junk food
• Do not strain when you are in the toilet
• Do not restrict the stool urge
• Do not sit for a long time

Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery Instructions
• Eat light food before a few hours of treatment
• Drink only watery liquids on the day of operation
• Plan a caregiver for your care and to drive you to your place
• Do not leave the wounds open after surgery as it may produce infection
• Take a shower after day two of treatment
• Use prescribed medications after discussing with doctor or nurse
• Avoid beverages like tea, coffee
• Urinate at the end of the day of the procedure

Myths about Piles
Piles can produce colon carcinoma.
• Lying on a cold platform will contribute piles or hemorrhoids
• Particularly sick people get hemorrhoids
• Mainly old age people produce hemorrhoids
• Only intake of high fiber diet will prevent piles
Get in touch with and have a healthier and better relief from piles.

Advantages of Laser Treatment for Piles over Conventional Surgical Methods

Main Feature                                                Laser                                   Surgical Procedure
Patient Hospital Stay                                 24 Hours                            3-7 Days
Pain (Post-Operative)                                Low                                     High
Recovery Time                                            1-3 Days                              15 Days to 1 month
Recurrence                                                   Low                                     High
Complication                                               Low                                      High

Piles clinic is the first laser center of sgnr and has operated thousands of patients successfully with laser