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Dr. Deepshikha Anesthetist
Being an anesthetist i have seen many surgeons doing surgery on their patients, but the tissue respect, Skills, the fastness of the procedure which reduces the anesthesia time and complications and the interaction with anesthetist for the patient during surgery is present in him. This all gives patients a speedy recovery. He is really a wonderful surgeon.
Jaspreet singh Jaslok medical hall Sri ganganagar
My mother was very tense for the surgery and I think this happens with all the patients. The way he dealt us in opd, during investigation and work up for surgery gave us a sense of relief. I still remember the day of surgery, my mother was smiling and there was not even a bit of tension on her face and the way she rushed for surgery like she is going for a routine daily walk. Everything was good even the postoperative care. My mother started her normal routine from 3rd day onwards.
Dr. Kusum Jain Speech therapist
Being a medico i had option of all the surgeons available in the city. I consulted many of them for my surgery, but none of them could convince and guide me properly but then I had and meeting with Dr Sourabh and at last I was convinced with him, he told me each and every possible complication (remote too) regarding the procedure. I underwent painless laparoscopic surgery. Thanks to him