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LASERS for varicose veins
Dr. Sourabh is one of the best laparoscopic surgeon for performing minimal access laparoscopic surgeries in ganganagar, We are the pioneer for using lasers in case of varicose veins. 
What are Varicose veins?
These are dilated tortuous veins of lower limb, usually formed due to faulty valves.
Problems due to varicose veins?
• leg pain
• cosmetic problems
• skin changes
• ulcers over lower part -difficult to heal
• thrombophelbitis
• increased chances of DVT
How varicose veins can be treated?
These can be treated conservatively with stocking in initial cases and with the help of venotonics. But if they are still increasing and causing problems then surgery is required. Surgery can be classical or via lasers. Classical surgery do not deal the pathology properly and recurrence rate is very high.
Time required to recover from EVLT?
usually laser treatment is done on local anaesthesia and patient is discharged on the same day. usually these patients are fit to do almost all kind of work with in a week which classical surgery requires atleast 3 weeks time. 

Adarsh nursing home, the laser treatement is available here